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Backward movement of the entire limb
The eyes are protected by how many eyelids?
What is the scientific name for the eardrum?
What is the innermost eyelid called?
The purpose of fleshy lips and cheeks in mammals is to allow them to _______
The termination of the digestive tract
The tail and foot pads of the rat are covered in
Sheets of connective tissue
Muscles found in the walls of organs
Scientific name of the Norway Rat?
__________ continually wear away as they grow, and remain sharp through scraping.
Which gender has their reproductive organs closer to the anus? (Ignore the scrotum)
This first digit (thumb) of a rat lacks a well defined...
Mechanism that allows an appendage to move in two directions; found in pairs of muscles
Muscles located on the body wall and appendages
One way to determine if your rat is a male is to check for the...
The ____________ is found beneath the neck and is connected to the facial muscles
Layers of tissue and fat between the skin
The other part of the trunk
Not bending
Scientific name for forelimb
A tougher _______ can be found on some of the muscles
Where are most sensory organs on the vibrissae located
This organ is found solely in male rats and is visible caudal to the scrotum
A large mass of ____________ is foud between the shoulder blades
Rats have this many digits.
Forward movement of the entire limb
Movement towards a point of reference
The caudoventral part of the rat in the trunk is called the...
These are associated with mammary glands in females
Mice and rats only have sweat glands on their...
This part of the trunk encases the ribs, heart, and lungs
Scientific name for hind limb
Movement away from a point of reference

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