Parts of the Brain (A-level biology)

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FunctionName of partLocation/appearance
Endocrine function - secretes hormones for osmoregulation and regulation of other glandsGrape shape hanging down from the hypothalamus
Communication between the cerebral hemispheresArc-shaped bundle of nerves between the cerebrum and limbic system
ProtectionTriple membrane between the brain and the skull
Homeostatic control of body temperature. Control of hunger, thirst and tirednessIn front of the thalamus, in the limbic system.
Auditory interpretation. Formation of long-term memory. SpeechLower side of each cerebral hemisphere
Visual interpretationLower back of each cerebral hemisphere
Communication between cerebrum and cerebellum. Control of sleep and autonomic functionsBulb on the brain stem, below the midbrain.
Protection. Exchange of nutrients and excretions with brain tissueClear fluid in spaces and ventricles in and around the brain
Direction of incoming impulses to the appropriate regions for processingWalnut shape above the brain stem
FunctionName of partLocation/appearance
Links brain to spinal cord. Contains structures with homeostatic functionsTop of the spinal cord, in front of the cerebellum
Control of heart and breathing rates, and blood pressureBelow the pons in the brain stem
Precise muscle coordination, maintenance of balance and postureLarge block tucked under the back of the cerebrum, with branched interior structure.
Contains centres for control of emotions and involuntary behavior linked to survivalPossible centre of the brain, surrounded by the cerebrum
General region of intellect, conscious thought, learning and memoryWhat we usually think of as being the brain. Largest part, consisting of two hemispheres.
Information processing for higher functions of the cerebrumFolded grey matter outer surface of the cerebrum
Regulation of acceptable behavior. Motivation and planningTop, front and side of each cerebral hemisphere
Relay of auditory and visual informationTop of the brain stem
Integration of different senses. Spatial awareness and navigationTop, back and side of each cerebral hemisphere

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