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Wrong Verb Movie TitleCorrected Movie TitleActor/Year
The Postman Always Falls TwiceLana Turner/1946
They Shoe Horses, Don't They?Jane Fonda/1969
Toss Me The Head of Alfredo GarciaWarren Oates/1974
Deploy All MonstersGodzilla/1968
Don't Pee in the BasementBill McGhee/1973
Fear Dines OutAnthony Perkins/1957
Frankenstein Pets the Wolf ManBela Lugosi/1943
Something Wicked This Way SashaysJason Robards/1983
O Brother, Where Fart Thou?George Clooney/2000
You Can't Tweet an Honest ManW.C. Fields/1939
Mr. Deeds Unicycles to TownGary Cooper/1936
To Stuff a MockingbirdGregory Peck/1962
Who Neutered Roger RabbitBob Hoskins/1988
Beavis and Butthead Escape AmericaMike Judge/1996
Let's Talk Jessica To DeathZohra Lampert/1971
Wrong Verb Movie TitleCorrected Movie TitleActor/Year
Little Dieter Needs to SneezeWerner Herzog (Director)/1998
Mr. Blandings Remortgages His Dream HouseCary Grant/1948
The Muppets Avoid ManhattanJim Henson/1984
On a Clear Day You Can Ski ForeverBarbra Streisand/1970
Take the Money and SchlepWoody Allen/1969
To Taser a ThiefGrace Kelly/1955
Eat the Beasts and ChildrenBilly Mumy/1971
White Men Can't IzzleWesley Snipes/1992
Ernest Forgets ChristmasJim Varney/1988
You Don't Laugh With the ZohanAdam Sandler/2008
Dead Men Don't Sell PlaidSteve Martin/1982
Gentlemen Besmirch BlondesMarilyn Monroe/1953
The Man Who Dated Liberty ValanceJimmy Stewart/1962
Lady Strums the BluesDiana Ross/1972
Diet Another DayPierce Brosnan/2002

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