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What were reba and Brock actually doing when Barbra Jean said she caught them in bed together?
Which city does van get transferred to for his new team?
What quality is prominent about Van's agent?
Who tells Jake about the 'birds and the bees'?
Which boy is involved in the episode 'No Boys Upstairs'?
Which career does Reba begin to re-explore?
What was Brock's username on the online poker episode?
In 'Date of Mirth' who do Barbra Jean and Reba both fall for?
Who killed Broq?
Who represents the Hart family in 'The pageant of Grandmas'?
What is the participant above's talent in the competition?
Who guest stars in 'Reba's Rules of Real Estate'?
In 'Driving Miss Kyra' what does Cheyenne do to break her life rut?
Who is found out as an alcoholic at the end of the season?

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