Back to the Future 3-Beginning

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What time is Marty shown leaving the past as a recap?
In what year is Marty now trapped?
When the Doc wakes up, according to the TV what time is it?
What year was the Doc sent back to?
What does Doc not want Marty to do?
After fixing up everything, what does Doc want Marty to do to the time machine?
According to Marty, where is all the best stuff made?
Who is the Doc’s favorite author?
Whose grave do Marty and Doc stumble upon in the graveyard?
Who shot #9?
What does Marty refuse to wear that later get eaten by a bear?
What job does Doc hold in the Old West?
How does Doc say Marty needs to be thinking?
When Marty drives into the past who are charging into him?
Who comes charging afterward?
What does Marty hit his head on?
How many hours does he sleep?
Who is the man of the McFly farm?
What accent does the family have?
What does Marty spit out as he is eating the rabbit?
Who was the first McFly born in America?

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