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'It's a unique and logic _________ amalgam of Winter and Summer.' -FerbS'Winter
'Get in the car, ________-pants.' -LindaThe Magnificent Few
'You know, mummies had their brains _______ out through their nose.' -FerbAre You My Mummy?
'We're _______! Good night!' -PhineasFlop Starz
'Sharks have to keep moving _______ or they'll drown.' -FerbRaging Bully
'It is nothing less than the emotional ________ of the whole film.' -PhineasLights, Candace, Action!
'Fun never falls too far from the __________.' -FerbTree to Get Ready
'How long are we supposed to just ____ here?'' -CandaceIt's About Time!
'I fly into mud, with a ______ ________ on my head.' -BufordJerk de Soleil
'How did this _________ river get here?' -PhineasToy to the World

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