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line of the songsong
I wouldnt be beating on the dash
Well if I have one I'll have 13
I stopped and waited for him to back up
Even when I get hurtin I keep on workin
Well its been fun what else can I say
I took him honky tonking and that was it
There are no words left here to say its true
Couldve wrote you a line or two baby
And Im down here on my knees
When I look at my future your all I can see
line of the songsong
Im lucky I know but I wanna go home
The telephone fell to the counter
Two kindred spirits bound by destiny
Baby lets act like fouls break a few rules
But Ive not tasted all your cooking
Youre burning yearning for some
I said your boy is now a man
Put our heads together and think on it
Oh he brought down a blue tick hound
So you just mind your own damn business

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