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Synonymous NameActual Movie NameYear
Mental Angry Man Cow1980
Pass Away In A Rough And Tough Manner1988
Ooh, It's A Magical And Wonderous Flat, Oven Baked, Disc Shaped Edible Thing1988
Complete Devastation Everwhere Immediately1979
French Royal Gambling Establishment2006
Well It's In Los Angeles But Shush1997
Become Acquainted With Mr Average Absence Of Light1998
Manipulate The Object In A Similar Fashion To Posh's Husband2002
It's All Sunny, I've Just Done Spring Cleaning In My Brain.2004
Two Weeks But Then Knock Off A Fortnight.2004
Synonymous NameActual Movie NameYear
Pleasant Blood Pumping Mechanisms Accompanied By Regal Cranial Adornments1949
Door Security Shop Supply And A Couple Of Overheated Long Cylindrical Sections Of A Rifle1998
Levels Of Popular Sponge Pudding2004
Matthew Broderick's Period Of 24 Hours Where He Did What He Wanted1986
I Am Totally Aware As To Where My Future Destination Is1945
Licensed Cab Operative1976
The Facial Accessory That Belongs To A Certain Spanish Vigilante1998
The Male Who Was In Possession Of A Gold Coloured Firearm1974
A Self-Service-Pay-As-You-Go-Car Called Whatever I Want1951
A Tale Of Children's Play Things1995

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