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Synonymous NameActual Movie NameYear
I Am Totally Aware As To Where My Future Destination Is1945
A Tale Of Children's Play Things1995
Levels Of Popular Sponge Pudding2004
It's All Sunny, I've Just Done Spring Cleaning In My Brain.2004
A Self-Service-Pay-As-You-Go-Car Called Whatever I Want1951
Become Acquainted With Mr Average Absence Of Light1998
The Male Who Was In Possession Of A Gold Coloured Firearm1974
Pleasant Blood Pumping Mechanisms Accompanied By Regal Cranial Adornments1949
Complete Devastation Everwhere Immediately1979
Two Weeks But Then Knock Off A Fortnight.2004
Synonymous NameActual Movie NameYear
Matthew Broderick's Period Of 24 Hours Where He Did What He Wanted1986
Well It's In Los Angeles But Shush1997
Ooh, It's A Magical And Wonderous Flat, Oven Baked, Disc Shaped Edible Thing1988
Door Security Shop Supply And A Couple Of Overheated Long Cylindrical Sections Of A Rifle1998
Pass Away In A Rough And Tough Manner1988
Licensed Cab Operative1976
The Facial Accessory That Belongs To A Certain Spanish Vigilante1998
Mental Angry Man Cow1980
French Royal Gambling Establishment2006
Manipulate The Object In A Similar Fashion To Posh's Husband2002

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