US Cities 85-100 Bracket (Highest Population Moves On)

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Can you name the US Cities 85-100 bracket. Pick the winner based on how high its population is. ?

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How to Play
Round 1
Match up1: Chesapeake vs. Orlando 
Match up2: Montgomery vs. Lubbock 
Match up3: Huntington vs Chula Vista 
Match up4: Garland vs. Reno 
Match up5: Rochester vs. Akron 
Match up6: Durham vs. Laredo 
Match up7: Modesto vs. Boise 
Match up8: San Bernadino vs Arlington  
Round 2
Match up2A: Winner of Match up 1 vs 2 
Match up2B: Winner of Match up 3 vs 4 
Match up2C: Winner of Match up 5 vs 6 
Match up2D: Winner of Match up 7 vs 8 
Round 3
Match up3A: Winner of Match up 2A vs 2B 
Match up3B: Winner of Match up 2C vs 2D 
Final Round
Match up4A: Winner of Match up 3A vs 3B 

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