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Can you name the Angels fron Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV)?

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DesignationName of AngelInformation
FirstThe first human on Earth; ancestor of all 'Angels'
SecondRestrained in Terminal Dogma
ThirdFirst to be encountered in the series
Fourth'Whipped' Angel, arthropod-like
FifthOctahedral Angel, tough attack and defense
SixthFirst Angel fought by Asuka
SeventhTwin Angels; can merge together
EighthFirst encountered in embryonic form
NinthFour-legged, acid-spitting Angel
DesignationName of AngelInformation
TenthAttempted to drop over Tokyo-3
EleventhAngel that attempted to hack the Magi computers
TwelfthMulti-dimensional Angel
ThirteenthTook control of EVA-03
FoutreenthConsumed by EVA-01
FifteenthSuborbital psychic Angel
SixteenthDestroyed by EVA-00 in a suicide attack
SeventeenthVessel of Adam's soul
EighteenthPossessors of the Fruit of Knowledge

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