To Kill A Mockingbird in One Word Events

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Can you name the To Kill A Mockingbird in One Word Events?

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'It really began with Andrew Jackson'
'Folks call me...'
'Wonder what he looks like'
'Jem had his little sister to think of'
'She was a pretty little thing'
'Raised on fish food'
'Another piece of tin foil'
'We were playin' strip poker'
'All of Maycomb was out tonight'
'You'll have to teach 'em to shoot'
'Old Tim Johnson'
'She's an old lady and she's ill'
'Mighty glad to have you here' - Zeebo
'Put my bag in the front room, Calpurnia'
'It ain't a snake... it's somebody'
'Entailments are bad'
'You're left handed, Mr Ewell'
'I wish Bob Ewell wouldn't chew tobacco'
'Nome, just a lady'
'There were now four people under the tree'

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