Artemis Fowl Enemies

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Can you name the some of Artemis Fowl's enemies?

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A warlike demon who traveled in time and brought home a book called 'Lady Heatherington Smythe's Hedgerow'
A bodyguard who works for Jon Spiro. This character shoots Butler.
A psychopathic lieutenant who plans to kill Julius Root.
A fish-smuggling pixie who almost kills Holly Short with a multimixer.
A technically savvy pixie whose inventions make Foaly jealous.
As a kid he believed that his brother was killed by demons. His real name is Jonah Lee.
The leader of the Exctintionists.
A Chicago hit-man who was hired by Jon Spiro to capture Artemis Fowl.
A 12 year old genius who develops feelings for Artemis.
The elder brother of Julius Root
A goblin who is a commanding officer in the B'wa Kell, and mesmerized by Opal Koboi.
A shady Chicago buisnessman who steals the C Cube from Artemis Fowl

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