Superhero pets and other animals

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Can you name the Superhero pets and other animals?

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What is the name ofname pet
The red-caped dog of Superman?
The German Sheperd of Batman?
That Bulldoggish being of the Inhumans?
That poor mistreated bulldog of Lobo?
The falcon of The Falcon?
The Orangutan of Red Ghost?
The Gorilla of Red Ghost?
The Baboon of Red Ghost?
What is the name ofname pet
The Savage Land sabretooth tiger of Ka-Zar?
The guide dog of Deadpool's 'hostage' Blind Al?
The first squirrel of Squirrel Girl?
The purple dragon of Shadowcat?
The orange pet-cat of Supergirl?
The rottweiler of the Punisher?
The octopus of Aquaman?

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