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Can you name the Marvel and DC characters w. insect names?

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real namecharacterbio family
Veronica DultryEpiprocta
Janet van DyneHymenoptera
Maria VasquezTheraphosidae
Edward WhitFormicidae
Savage Land MutateHaplotaxida
Kurt WagnerOligochaeta
Jason TroyDiptera
Doug TaggartCaelifera
Abner JenkinsEndopterygota
real namecharacterbio family
A gross MorlockMacropanensthia rhinoceros
Garfield LynnsLampyridae
Louis SendakScarabaeidae
Hank PymmVespidae
Irwin SchwabPhymatinae
Layla MillerLepidoptera
Djo ZhaBlattaria
Natalia RomanovaLatrodectus
Karen Beecher-DucanApidae
Joe RiggerPyrrhoconridae

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