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Can you name the people/places/events of the French Revolution?

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King Louis XVI was a member of which royal house?
What is the date of when the people stormed the Bastille?
Who was the leader of the Jacobins?
When the king and queen were moved from Versailles, which palace did they go to?
What suddenly cost a month's salary that led to outrage and hunger?
Which important document was created August 26th, 1789?
France under the Ancien Régime divided society into three_________
Who killed Jean Paul Marat?
One of the strains on the economy that caused the revolution was the debt incurred from France assisting_____________
Who was nicknamed Madame Deficit?
What is the name of the period from 1793 until 1794 during which between 16,000 and 40,000 people were killed?
Who was the first emperor after the revolution?
What is the term for the poor labourers and radical Jacobins who changed their pants to differentiate themselves from the bourgeosie?
What was Robespierre's nickname, signifying he stayed true to his words and beliefs?
The marriage of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette was meant to cement the alliance between France and_________
What was the anti-Catholic, anti-Ancien Régime calendar that replaced the Gregorian one for a period of time?
Who invented what was nicknamed 'The National Razor'?
What is the song title of the national anthem in France, created in 1792?
What was the name of Marat's newspaper that incited revolution and denounced 'enemies of the people'?
The people were furious with Louis XVI for firing his financial advisor________________, who was generally seen as a representative of the public.

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