Television / Gravity Falls Characters by Attire

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Can you name the Gravity Falls characters based on the clothes they wear?

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Forced Order
Black Suit, Fez Hat
Blue Suit, Brown Shoes, White Pompadour
Black Hoodie, Skinny Jeans
Gray Striped Shirt, Glasses
Red/Orange Shirt, Blue Vest, Baseball Cap
Stained Apron, Lazy Eye
'?' Shirt, Cargo Pants, Baseball Cap
Assorted Sweaters, Skirt, Headband
Purple Jacket, Hoop Earings, Cream Boots
Plaid Shirt, Hunting Hat, Brown Boots
'Cool' T-Shirt, Lizard on Shoulder
Brown Overalls, Tattered Hat, Bandages
Usually Nothing, Because He's a Pig
Black Top Hat, Black Bow Tie
Cracked Glasses, Red Sweater, Tan Coat

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