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Who was the first to introduce football to the University?
Zipp Newman popularized this team nickname after Alabama played Auburn in red mud?
Who did Alabama play in their first vistit to the Rose Bowl?
Who is the winningest coach at Alabama?
Can you name all 13 national championships (years)?
What was the first nickname given to the team until 1906?
Who is the current football coach at Alabama?
What is the name of the Alabama vs. Auburn game?
Are they in the West or East division of the SEC?
What are the team colors?
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How many SEC titles does Alabama have?
What is the name of their mascot?
What is the name of the football stadium?
Who was the first coach to lead them to a football championship at the Rose Bowl?
Which Alabama team was the first to gain the title 'The Red Elephants' (year)?
What is the name of Alabama's marching band?
What is the name of the grassy area that hosts majority of the pre-game festivities?
What city did Alabama play their first game?
Who is Alabama's biggest rivalry?
What is the well-known uniform number worn by many great players?

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