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The most random facts ever
Her characters name in the movie 'Xmen: First Class' was...
What is her hair color?
What acoustic instument does she play?
When is her birthday?
What was the name of the music video she starred in?
What was her G.P.A by the time she graduated high school?
In 2010 she won many awards such as 'Best new coming actress' for what movie?
How many siblings does she have?
The most random facts ever
What is the name of her first nephew?
The name of her two brothers are...
In 2007 what t.v. show did she play a major role in?
She starred in a movie with Mel Gibson, and that movie was called...
She is well known as _______ from a movie called 'The Hunger Games'.
How old was she by the time her famous movie 'The Hunger Games' came out
What state was she bourn in?

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