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Eyes burned out by acid
Evil robot adversary of the Avengers
Commander of all crime in New York
Symbiote infused serial killer
Doctor who loves the Joker
He has a cold touch
Son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey
Scientist with a damaged Intrinsic field
Bucky no longer...
Botanist turned villaness
God of Mischief
Red headed Russian agent of Shield
Reached the peak of human perfection
Weapon-X Experiment
Robin no longer...
Parents murdered by criminal
God of Thunder
Exposed to Gamma rays
King of Atlantis
Scientist turned into insane reptile
Robot hero of the Avengers
Mutant hunting robots
A family that was exposed to cosmic radiation
Born on Krypton
Bitten by radioactive spider...
Insane clown psychopath
Master of meditation/ uses venom to become extremely more powerful
Evil version of Superman
Teleporting son of Mystique
Holwing Commando then Agent of Shield
Soldier from Project Rebirth
Scientist with a few extra limbs...
Billionare/Inventor turnend Avenger
Crazed ruler of Latveria
Boy acrobat who watched his family die
Nazi general from WWII
Half human Half vampire superhero
Blew half-to-hell by Batman
Suffers from cancer/ merc with a mouth
Chinese villan with ten rings

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