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a woodwind instrument in the form of a cylindrical tube with a single reed attached to its mouthpiece
a musical wind instrument consisting of a tube with a series of fingerholes or keys, in which the wind is directed against a sharp edge, either directly, as in the modern transver
a woodwind instrument having a slender conical, tubular body and a double-reed mouthpiece.
a large woodwind instrument of low range, with a doubled tube and a curved metal crook to which a double reed is attached.
any of a family of brass wind instruments with a powerful, penetrating tone, consisting of a tube commonly curved once or twice around on itself and having a cup-shaped mouthpiece
a musical wind instrument consisting of a cylindrical metal tube expanding into a bell and bent twice in a U shape, usually equipped with a slide
a musical brass wind instrument with a long, coiled tube having a conical bore and a flaring bell.
a valved, brass wind instrument having a low range.
the treble instrument of the family of modern bowed instruments, held nearly horizontal by the player's arm with the lower part supported against the collarbone or shoulder.
a four-stringed musical instrument of the violin family, slightly larger than the violin; a tenor or alto violin.
the second largest member of the violin family, rested vertically on the floor between the performer's knees when being played.
An instrument, especially a double bass, that produces tones in a low register.
A set of kettledrums.
a concave plate of brass or bronze that produces a sharp, ringing sound when struck: played either in pairs, by being struck together, or singly, by being struck with a drumstick
a large bronze disk, of Asian origin, having an upturned rim, that produces a vibrant, hollow tone when struck, usually with a stick or hammer that has a padded head.

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