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Can you name the ABCs of Norse mythology and legends (minus Q, X & Z)?

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ACapital of the gods
BSecond son of Odin and god of peace
CA series of Norse/Germanic legends
DBeings that dwell in the mountains and the earth
ESemidivine beings divided into dark & light races
FGoddess of love, war & death
GKing of the Burgundians killed by Attila
HRealm where those who die of sickness or old age go
ICountry where (much) Norse mythology was recorded
JWorld of the rock & frost giants
KHis blood used to create Mead of Poetry
LShapeshifter and trickster
MCrushing lightning hammer
NRoyal lineage of Burgundians or specific group of the answer to (D)
OKing of the gods
POne of the greatest manuscripts of Norse mythology
RFinal destiny of the gods
SSlayer of the dragon Fafnir
TGod of thunder
UOne of the three Norns spinning the threads of fate
VHall of the courageous slain
YThe cosmic tree

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