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Can you name the soveriegn countries that the following self-proclaimed territorial micronations are located within?

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MicronationCountryIdentifiable Leader
Sovereign State of Aeterna LucinaPaul Baron Neuman
Grand Duchy of the Lagoan IslesLouis Stephans
Le Royaume de L'Anse Saint-JeanDenys Tremblay
Principality of SealandPaddy Roy Bates
Hay-on-WyeRichard Booth
Kingdom of ElleoreLeo III
Bjorn-Socialist RepublicOskar Augustsson
Other World KingdomPatricia I
Republic of UžupisNone
Kingdom of VikeslandChristopher Barry Joseph Beyette
Republic of KugelmugelEdwin Lipburger
Northern Forest ArchipelagoJames Sheffield
DubeldekaVasudeo Khandekar
The Kingdom of LovelyDanny Wallace
Republic of PeščenicaŽeljko Malnar
Neue Slowenische KunstNone
Principality of WyPaul Ashton Delprat
Republic of MolossiaKevin Baugh
TalossaJohn Woolley
Republic of JamtlandEwert Ljusberg
Conch RepublicPeter Anderson
Freetown ChristianiaNone
Empire of AtlantiumGeorge Cruickshank
Crown Dependency of ForvikStuart Hill
Naminara RepublicNone
Principality of Hutt RiverLeonard Casley
Kingdom of EnenKioNone
Independent State of AramoanaNone
Kingdom of ValtioAri Peltonen
Hajdučka Republika Mijata TomićaVinko Vukoja Lastvić
AustenasiaJonathan Austen
LadoniaYwonne I Jarl
Copeman EmpireNick Copeman
Kingdom of the Coral Sea IslandsDale Anderson
Dominion of British West FloridaBo Register
Republic of SaugeaisGeorgette Bertin-Pourchet

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