The Office: Where Are They Now? (Finale Spoilers!)

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Can you name the The Office (US) characters from what they are doing as of the finale?

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Where They AreCharacter
Secretly selling her house to move to Austin.
Attempting to fatten up her new deskmate.
Remarried after a three-hour stint in a car trunk (it's a family tradition).
Somewhere in Europe with a new child.
Moving to Austin, fired as Assistant to the Regional Manager (for the severance).
'Finally mastering commitment' by abandoning his son.
Reconnecting with her birth parents.
Newly married Regional Manager at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.
Under arrest.
Retired to Florida City, Florida, where his divorce papers were delivered by fanboat.
Returning to his family in Colorado; proud subscriber to a wireless family plan.
Running for Pennsylvania State Senate.
Living in New York with six roommates to 'write the great American novel.'
Working at Dunder-Mifflin and encouraging her 'entrepreneur' son.
'Running off into the sunset' with an old boyfriend.
Living in Austin, having opened a branch of Athleap (formerly Athlead).
Working in the Cornell admissions office.
Owner of a Scranton bar.

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