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1924: LEAPin' Lizards! This comic strip debuts; it follows a girl adopted by rich 'Daddy' Warbucks.
1938: This hero first LEAPs tall buildings in Action Comics #1.
1958: The Great LEAP Forward begins in this country.
1959: Disney releases SLEAPing (or Sleeping) Beauty; the title refers to this character.
1966: Batroc the LEAPer first battles this patriotic comic book hero.
1969: This moon mission marks 'one giant LEAP for mankind.'
1971: This highjacker LEAPs from a Boeing 727 with $200,000 in ransom money.
1972: After the second is redefined, the first LEAP second is added at the end of this month.
1974: This daredevil attempts to LEAP Snake River Canyon on a rocket-powered bike.
1989: Sam Beckett, played by this actor, finds himself lost in time in TV's Quantum LEAP.
1992: 'LEAP of Faith' becomes the second single from this musician's album Lucky Town.
2006: FeLEAPe (or Felipe) CalderĂ³n is elected President of this country.

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