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Can you name the answers to the math problems based on historical/mythological numbers?

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Number of 'Points' Wilson's post-WWI plan - Number of 'Tables' in Ancient Rome's legal system?
Number of Roman consuls x Number of original American colonies
Number of Martin Luther's Theses / Number of Nations in Iroquois Confederacy
Number of terms to which Franklin Roosevelt was elected X Number of Pope John Paul of the late 1900s
Number of southern US States which seceded + Supposed age of Jesus of Nazareth at death
Number of Muses in Greek mythology / Number of Fates in Greek mythology
___ Years War featuring Joan of Arc - ___ Years War in part featuring George Washington
Number of Beethoven symphonies X Supposed number of years the Third Reich would last
Year in which Colombus first sailed across the Atlantic - Age at which Theodore Roosevelt assumed the Presidency
Number of Amendment which granting women suffrage + Number of first Apollo mission to land on the moon
Year in which Quebec was founded / Number of sectors of Berlin in the Cold War
Number of ships Helen of Troy's face supposedly launched X King Louis ___ executed in French Revolution

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