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Adverse reactions: GI discomfort, rhinitis. Given once dailyPI
Contraindicated in children, adverse reactions: hypersensitivity of palmsNRTI
Blocks CCR5 co-receptorEntry inhibitor
Adverse reactions: jaundice, increased QT intervalPI
Adverse reaction: skin rash; drug interactions: inhibits cyp3A4 and cyp2C9NNRTI
Adverse reaction: nephrolithiasis, patient must be adequately hydratedPI
Adverse reactions: hypersensitivity, increased risk of CVDNRTI
Given to pregnant womenPI
Co-administration with TMP-SMZ increases bioavailabilityNRTI
Inhibits and induces cyp3A4; adverse reactions: CNS toxicity, Gi intolerance, skin rashNNRTI
Most potent cyp3A4 inhibitor of the protease inhibitors. Used to prolong half life of other PIsPI
Prevents vertical transmission, adverse reactions: myelosuppression, gi intolerance, hematologic toxicity when given with ganciclovir or ribavirinNRTI
NucleoTIDE analogueNRTI
Avoid in patients with PKU, adverse reactions: pancreatitis, retinal changesNRTI
Blocks DNA strand transfer from viral to host genomeIntegrase inhibitor
Adverse reaction: peripheral neuropathyNRTI
binds to and inhibits gp41 of HIVFusion inhibitor
Contraindicated in patients with allergies to sulfanomidesPI
Can cause severe, potentially fatal hepatotoxicityNNRTI

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