Homestar Runner Character Variations

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Can you name the variations of Homestar Runner characters?

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Character (Version)Name
Homestar (1930s)
The Cheat (1930s)
Strong Mad (1930s)
Strong Sad (1930s)
Pom Pom (1930s)
Coach Z (1930s)
The King of Town (1930s)
The Poopsmith (1930s)
Marshie (1930s)
The Announcer (1930s)
Homestar (20X6)
Strong Bad (20X6)
The Cheat (20X6)
Pom Pom (20X6)
possibly Coach Z (20X6)
Trogdor (20X6)
Strong Bad (Dangeresque)
Homestar (Dangeresque, films 1&3)
Homestar (Dangeresque, also film 3)
Coach Z (Dangeresque)
Marzipan (Dangeresque, films 1&3)
Marzipan (Dangeresque, also film 3)
Pom Pom (Dangeresque)
Character (Version)Name
The King of Town (Dangeresque)
Strong Mad (Dangeresque)
Bubs (Dangeresque)
The Poopsmith (Dangeresque)
Senor Cardgage (Dangeresque)
Strong Sad (Dangeresque, all 3 films)
Strong Sad (Dangeresque, film 1)
Strong Sad (Dangeresque, film 3, has a moustache)
Strong Sad (Dangeresque, film 3, is green)
The Cheat (Dangeresque, only in Puppet Squad)
The Cheat (Dangeresque, film 1)
The Cheat (Dangeresque, film 3)
Strong Bad (Decemberween Pageant)
Homestar (Decemberween Pageant)
Marzipan (Decemberween Pageant)
The Cheat (Decemberween Pageant)
Bubs (Decemberween Pageant)
Pom Pom & Strong Mad (Decemberween Pageant)
Strong Sad (Decemberween Pageant)
The Poopsmith (Middle School)
Homestar (Free Petry Dish, USA)
Strong Bad (Free Petry Dish, USA)
Bubs (Free Petry Dish, USA)

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