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DefinitionWord or phrase
A large gathering, especially of Scouts
The main activities of the Womens' Institutre
Accumulation of woody debris in a river
Member of Run-DMC, shot in 2002
A never-fulfilled promise, from the White Queen's offer to Alice
Country whose top-level domain code is .jam
Mobile phone ringtone company responsible for the popularity of Crazy Frog
Glass container & rhyming slang for 'car'
Special message from a transmitter that tells other transmitters not to send any data
Congestion on the roads
Public Enemy and Slayer record label
DefinitionWord or phrase
1996 film starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny
Seattle rock band fronted by Eddie Vedder
Colloquial term for clothes to be worn while sleeping
Album or song by punk band MC5
Crammed with stuff, completely full
Two shortbread biscuits with a plum jam filling
Series of basketball video games
Irritating printer malfunction
1989 hit house single by Technotronic
MegaDrive videogame featuring the two titular alien rappers
Up the creek, dogged by trouble

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