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DefinitionWord or phrase
1996 film starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny
1989 hit house single by Technotronic
Public Enemy and Slayer record label
Glass container & rhyming slang for 'car'
Series of basketball video games
Up the creek, dogged by trouble
Mobile phone ringtone company responsible for the popularity of Crazy Frog
Two shortbread biscuits with a plum jam filling
Congestion on the roads
Irritating printer malfunction
Country whose top-level domain code is .jam
DefinitionWord or phrase
The main activities of the Womens' Institutre
Seattle rock band fronted by Eddie Vedder
Special message from a transmitter that tells other transmitters not to send any data
Crammed with stuff, completely full
A large gathering, especially of Scouts
Accumulation of woody debris in a river
MegaDrive videogame featuring the two titular alien rappers
A never-fulfilled promise, from the White Queen's offer to Alice
Album or song by punk band MC5
Colloquial term for clothes to be worn while sleeping
Member of Run-DMC, shot in 2002

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