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Muscle attached to one end of the body only
Word for book in Spanish
Barbie's full name
Most Common name in the World
Gun that can't be silenced
Patron Saint of Brick Layers
Shortest complete sentence in the English language
2009 New Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year
Number of ways to make change for a dollar
Busiest day of the year for plumbers in the US
DaVinci's Mona Lisa lacks this facial feature
GOLF stands for
Occupation of Charlie Brown's Father
Official motto of Alaska
In this country it is protocol to send defendants court notices on facebook
Fastest Speaker in the World
In Australia, this animal is about twice as populous as humans
If a group of shapes has the same perimeter, what shape will have the largest area?
Only Author to have a book in every category of the Dewey Decimal System
Name of Lucy and Linus's little brother
World's Youngest Billionaire
Coca-Cola was originally this color
Largest landowner of the U.S.
Names of the two stone lions outside the NY Public Library
First Time Magazine Man of the Year
Holiday that takes place on September 27th
Author of War and Peace
Only animal with 4 knees
How old was the youngest pope?
International Telephone Dialing Code for Antarctica

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