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might have to go to St. Mungo's if these stupid pimples don't go away.
have to go easier on the butterbeer next time. hiccup.
If anyone sees a toad wandering around, let me know.
bertie botts every flavor beans...Never again
Gonna go show Malfoy what a real seeker looks like
lolz Crabbe just tried to light a fire and almost burned the common room down.
Nagini brought home the biggest raccoon today
Bad hair day. What else is new
The students are really gonna love these blast-ended skrewts
Surprised the kids still haven't learned to recognize my disguise. Meow.
Handing out Quibblers today at lunch.
I know he was a homocidal death eater, but I miss scabbers sometimes.
Those Weasley twins. If anyone ever deserved being hanged by their thumbs
That'll teach her to doubt my Bat-Bogey Hex
Turned down for DADA position again. :(

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