Onion Headline or Florida Headline?

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Man Fatally Stabs Wife During Argument over Hamburger
Best Buy Idea Box Brimming With Urine
Girlfriend of Landscaper Killed in Wood Chipper: 'There Are No More Tears'
Optometrist Not Sure Why He Has Gay Cult Following
Hampton Inn Concierge Has Long Working Relationship with Chili’s Hostess
346-Pound Man Punches Domino's Pizza Guy for Forgetting His Garlic Knots, Cops Say
Local Anorexic Still Way Too Fat
KFC Manager Robbed at Sporkpoint
Bush Reaches Out to Hispanic Community with Generous Tip
Man Arrested for Violent Haircut
Karate Studio Hoping To Get Local Phone Number That Spells Out Word ‘Kick’ Or ‘Chop’
Parent Says Bus Driver Dropped Daughter Off in Wrong City
Dog Shoots Man Accidentally, Police Say
Winner Didn't Even Know It Was Pie-Eating Contest
Man Punched Police Horse for No Apparent Reason
Dolphin Spends Amazing Vacation Swimming with Stockbroker
8-Year-Old Accidentally Exercises Second-Amendment Rights
Former Sheriff's Hard Drive Destroyed with Hammer
Lawn-Gnome Toss Leads Investigators to Arson Suspect
Man Arrested for Giving People Wedgies

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