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Coins the phrase 'black power'
What year is Roe vs Wade concluded?
The name of King's last speech, 1968
Nine black students enrol at this school in Arkansas in 1957
President during WWII
Writes 'The Feminine Mystique'
This teenager is killed in Mississippi in 1955
President in the final years of the Vietnam War
Riots break out where in June 1943?
Radical feminist organisation which burns bras in San Francisco
The Equal Pay Act is passed in which year?
American organisation that investigates the Hollywood 10?
In 1970 four people are shot dead at which university?
National Organisation for Women proposes what political change in 1967?
Brown wins his case against Topeka Board of Education in which year?
The music festival that is the climax of the hippy movement is called what?
President Johnson abolished the what in 1966, leading to huge protest especially among the student population?
President 1953-61, nicknamed 'Ike'
A bus in burnt in this state during the freedom ride tactic of the early 60's
Organised the March on Washington 1941 for equal employment rights?
The sit-in tactic was first used in which city, South Carolina?
Martin Luther King is assassinated this year
President during the Berlin Blockade
34 people killed and 1,000 buildings destroyed in which city, 1965?
Malcolm X returns from where a changed man?
Lundberg publishes this book in 1947
President following Kennedy's assassination
Tom Hayden forms this organisation in 1959
King targets this town in Alabama to encourage black people to register for the vote
The double 'what' campaign was started in 1942 and lasted throughout WWII?
Which female politician opposes STOP ERA?
Martin Luther King emerges as the leader of the civil rights campaign after the arrest of...
Civil rights organisation formed 1909?
China officially becomes a communist state this year
This black power group gains 5,000 members
Two black medallists hold the black power salute at the '68 Olympics in which city

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