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Can you name the Impossible questions?

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Welcome! Type 'Start' to begin!?
Type: hkspfickslrjfslaw?
I hope you copied and pasted that. How many colors are there in the rainbow??
While holding down Ctrl F5, type in 'Wart'?
Now just type anything?
From now on until I saw stop, write 'horse'?
Pineapples in hula skirts...?
Stop. Type in 'continue'?
What letter am I thinking of??
You should've started from the end of the alphabet. What are the main digits of pi??
What question is this??
Type in the answer for 2?
I do hope you copied and pasted it. Type in 'yes'?
If you think you are smart type in 'Im lame'?
Congrats! You finished the quiz! Type in 'I did it!' to end the quiz?

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