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Author/Year PublishedBookCopies Sold
70 BC-105 AD
Mao Zedong/1964
Muhammad (compilation)/Circa 600
Wei Jiangong/1957
Charles Dickens/1859
Robert Baden-Powell/1908
J.R.R. Tolkein/1954-1955
Joseph Smith (compiler)/1830
J.K. Rowling/1998
Jehovah's Witnesses/1968
Jiang Zemin/2001
Agatha Christie/1939
J.R.R. Tolkein/1937
Cao Xueqin/18th Century
H. Rider Haggard/1887
Antoine De Saint-Exupery/1943
Dan Brown/2003
J.D. Salinger/1951
Paulo Coelho/1988
Merriam Webster/1898
Johanna Spyri/1880
Benjamin Spock/1940
Lucy Maud Montgomery/1908
Anna Sewell/1877
Umberto Eco/1980
Author/Year PublishedBookCopies Sold
Shere Hite/1976
E.B. White/1952
Beatrix Potter/1902
J.K. Rowling/2007
Richard Bach/1970
Elbert Hubbard/1899
Peter Roget/1852
Dan Brown/2000
Nikolai Ostrovsky/1932
Leo Tolstoy/1869
Louise Hay/1984
Jeffrey Archer/1979
Anne Frank/1947
Charles Sheldon/1896
A.S. Hornby/1948
Harper Lee/1960
Jacqueline Susann/1966
Margaret Mitchell/1936
Gabriel Garcia Marquez/1967
Rick Warren/2002
Colleen McCullough/1977
Napoleon Hill/1937
Bill Wilson/1939
Eric Carle/1969
Hal Lindsey/1970

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