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'Scratch Wood Scratch!'
'I had sex once, yeah, as a JOKE!'
'Comrade Stalin salutes you'
'I do not have testiclae!'
'It was then that I realized my clothes had accidentally fallen off'
'Can I call you back? I'm kinda busy at the moment'
'Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune'
'Unfortunately I'm blind'
'I fell'
'I've got a student here, how can I describe him...'
'Computer says no...'
'3,2,1, you're back in the room'
'Goodbye... ...any minute now..'
'He's mad for cock!'
'No more lesbian jam'
'Oh, you evil pole'
'Do it again?'
'I have no arms and no legs!'
'Chapter 1- The End'
'Bacardi and coke, please'
'Did ya sleep with him?!'
'Oh pwease Mr. Dudwey!'
'I am hard yet soft. I am liquid yet solid. I am jelly. WHAT AM I?'

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