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'I have no arms and no legs!'
'Did ya sleep with him?!'
'I've got a student here, how can I describe him...'
'Computer says no...'
'Scratch Wood Scratch!'
'No more lesbian jam'
'Comrade Stalin salutes you'
'I am hard yet soft. I am liquid yet solid. I am jelly. WHAT AM I?'
'Oh pwease Mr. Dudwey!'
'Can I call you back? I'm kinda busy at the moment'
'Do it again?'
'Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune'
'It was then that I realized my clothes had accidentally fallen off'
'Unfortunately I'm blind'
'Oh, you evil pole'
'3,2,1, you're back in the room'
'I had sex once, yeah, as a JOKE!'
'Bacardi and coke, please'
'I do not have testiclae!'
'Goodbye... ...any minute now..'
'Chapter 1- The End'
'He's mad for cock!'
'I fell'

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