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Title of an unemployment form.
The brothers Gibb.
Police code for indecent exposure.
A type of spy plane used by the United States.
A dildo in the William Burroughs novel 'Naked Lunch'.
The name of an S&M book a band member found on a sidewalk in New York.
Named after a 1963 horror movie starring Boris Karloff.
Named after a medieval torture device.
After the mythical river that people crossed over to go into Hell.
Named after Robert E. Lee High school gym coach.
The average amount a man ejaculates.
From a William Blake quote 'If the doors of perception were to be cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite'.
A British inventor/farmer in the 1800's who invented the precurser to the modern plow.
Keith Moon joked that the creation of a Super Band would go over like a lead balloon.
Portuguese for 'panther'.
Named after a state of sleep.
Boys Entering Anarchistic States Toward Internal Excellence
They wanted a generic name void of any preconceptions about their style of music.
Slang for a speed freak.
A Pete De Rose song.
A villan in the 1967 Jane Fonda movie 'Barbarella'.
Inspired by a friend and a logo on 'Olympia' beer cans.
Inspired by an Australian Aborigine custom of sleeping with three canines on extremely cold nights.
A term meaning you smoked pot and goofed off all day.
In Buddhism it means the state of perfect blessedness attained through the annihilation of the self.
A 1972 movie starring Jeff Bridges.

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