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'I am error'
'What do we get out of bringing some helpless little kid along with us? I'll tell you what we get...a headache.'
'It's a secret to everybody'
'Dude! You're asking me when we started to live on this island? What do you mean by 'when?''
'That was fun! You're a good dancer! It's been some time since I had such fun!'
'I shall consume. Consume... consume everything...'
'Ganon's wish was to conquer the world. That wish changed the Golden Land to the Dark World.'
'What? Say something! Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?'
'Hoo hoot! Link... Look up here!'
'Umm... Link... Don't forget me. I mean, I think of you...as a friend... OK!'
'That Squiddy thing is getting away!'
'I'll just stay here when you go save the day...it's kind of a family tradition.'
'Heh... You know, I've never actually seen you wearing a cap until now! It suits you, little hero.'
'Well excuuuuuse meeee, princess.' *Bonus*

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