Bomber's Notebook by Location

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Can you name the characters listed in the Bomber's Notebook?

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North Clock Town (Every Day)
Stock Pot Inn (Every Day & Night)
Laundry Pool (Second Night)
Curiosity shop (Final Night)
North Clock Town (First Night)
Romani Ranch (First Day & Night)
Romani Ranch (Second Night)
Mayor's left office (Every Day)
Milk Bar (Final Night)
Milk Bar (First & Second Night)
Milk Bar (First and Second Night)
Post office (Almost Every Day)
West Clock Town (First & Second Night)
Stock Pot Inn (Every Night)
Stock Pot Inn (First & Second Day)
Northwest Termina Field (Every Night)
Romani Ranch (Every Day)
Gorman Racetrack (Every Day)
Ikana Canyon (Every Day)
Laundry Pool (First & Second Night)

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