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Opening LyricSong Title
Elope with me, Miss Private, and we'll sail around the world
Take a second of the day to think about the things that we have done this year
If you want me, I'll be there, a boy to deal with all your problems
There is misery in all I hear and see from the people on TV
Honey, loving you is the greatest thing, I get to be myself and I get to sing
I know a spell that would make you well
I was choking on a corn flake, you said, 'Have some toast instead'
Look at the kid from school, he's teaching mamas and papas how to be a little cool
Since you went away, everything is looking great, I'm a little bored
Lisa's kissing men like a long walk home when the music stops
We lay on the bed there, kissing just for practice
I could hang about and burn my fingers
Working the village shop, putting a poster up, dreaming of anything, dreaming of the time when you are free from all the trouble you're in
Opening LyricSong Title
Make a new cult every day to suit your affairs
Hey people, looking out the window at the city below
I'm lucky, I can open the door and I can walk down the street
Lovesick on a sunny afternoon, you are tired of staying in, you are waiting for a sign
I'm the singer, I'm the singer in the band
What a waste, I could have been your lover
On a beech tree, rudely carved, 'NC loved me'
I will confess to you because you made me think about the times you turn the picture on to me and I'll turn over
She called me up today, 'Meet me down at the old café'
A mile and a half on a bus takes a long time
Monday morning, wake up knowing that you've got to go to school
I was surprised, I was happy for a day in 1975

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