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What is Homers youngest child called?
What colour is Marge's hair?
What is the name of Homer's boss (from the nuclear power plant?)
What is the name of (aboves) assistant?
What is the name of the brand of beer drunk on the show?
What's Barts' teachers' name?
What is the name of their dog?
What is the name of their cat?
What type of instrument does Lisa play?
What is Bart Simpson's favorite method of transport?
What is Marge's maiden name?
What type of necklace does Lisa wear almost every day?
What is the chief of police's name?
What is the bully in Barts year (who wears shorts and a denim body warmer) named?
What is Homer's favorite food/snack?
What is the name of the bar Homer goes to?
Who owns the above bar?
What is the Clown's stage name?
What is the cartoon about a cat and mouse called?
What is the name of the Drunk who is always at Moe's?

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