Harry Potter Pets

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(Ron Weasley's) Rat
(Rubeus Hagrid's) Boarhound
(Lavender Brown's) Rabbit
(Malfoy family) *House elf*
(Harry Potter's) Owl
(Rubeus Hagrid's) Dragon
(Ginny Weasley's) Pygmy Puff
(Percy Weasley's) Owl
(Rubeus Hagrid's) Giant 3-Headed dog
(Barty Crouch's) *House elf*
(Neville Longbottom's) Toad
(Hermione Granger's) Cat
(Black family/Harry Potter's) *House elf*
(Sirius Black/Rubeus Hagrid's) Hippogriff
(Ron Weasley's) Miniature Owl
(Weasley family) Owl
(Aunt Marge's) Dog
(Hepzibah Smith's) *House elf*
(Albus Dumbledore's) Phoenix
(Tom Marvolo Riddle's) Serpent
(Rubeus Hagrid's) Acromantula

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