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Designer, Date, CountryTypefaceFirst Letter
1. Joel Kadan/Tony Stan, 1974, United StatesA
2. John [name of typeface], 1757, Kingdom of Great BritainB
3. Lucian [name of typeface], 1937, GermanyB
4. Giambattista [name of typeface], 1798, Duchy of Parma (Italy)B
5. William [name of typeface], 1722, Kingdom of Great BritainC
6. Bertram Goodhue/Ingalls Kimball, 1896, United StatesC
7. Claude [name of typeface], c. 1550, FranceG
Designer, Date, CountryTypefaceFirst Letter
8. Matthew Carter, 1993, United StatesG
9. Frederic [name of typeface], 1918, United StatesG
10. Jonathan [name of typeface], 1991, United StatesH
11. Hermann Zapf, 1950, GermanyP
12. Eric Gill, 1929, United KingdomP
13. Stanley Morison/Victor Lardent, 1932, United KingdomT
14. Hermann [name of typeface], 1976Z

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