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Language: Word, MeaningLoanwordDate of Entry into English
Tagalog: bundok (mountain)1940-1945
Arabic: الجبر - al-jabr (to put together, restore)1535-1545
Quechua: wanu (dung for fuel, fertilizer)1595-1605
Tongan: tapu (forbidden)1770-1780
Welsh: pen gwyn (white head)1570-1580
Kongo: nzambi (god)1810-1820
Kimbundu: mbanza (a plucked string instrument)1730-1740
Dutch: rooster (list)1720-1730
Tagalog: kuto (head lice)1910-1915
Language: Word, MeaningLoanwordDate of Entry into English
Czech: robota (labor, drudgery)1920
Russian: вода - voda (water)1795-1805
Hindi: चाँपना - chāmpnā (to press, massage)1755-1765
Malay: kəchap (fish sauce)1705-1715
Hebrew: מבין - mebhin (connoisseur, one who is experienced)1960-1965
Irish: seamróg (trefoil)1565-1575
Japanese: 大君 - taikun (great prince)1855-1860
Yiddish: shmok (penis)1890-1895

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