Capitals of Extinct States

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State/CivilizationCapital CityPeriod, Location
Egypt, Old Kingdomc. 3100-2200 BC, Egypt
Minoan Civilizationc. 2700-1450 BC, Crete
Neo-Assyrian Empire911-612 BC, Iraq
Gupta Empirec. 320-550, India
Visigothic Kingdomc. 400-507, France
Abbasid Caliphate750-1258, Iraq
al-Andalus (Moorish Caliphate)756-1031, Spain
Songhai Empirec. 1000-1592, Niger
State/CivilizationCapital CityPeriod, Location
Moundbuilders/Mississippians (likely)c. 1050-1300, Illinois, United States
Khmer Empirec. 1190-1330, Cambodia
Inca Empirec. 1200-1532, Peru
Mongol Empirec. 1220-1260, Mongolia
Aztec Empire1325-1531, Mexico
Ashanti Confederacy1695-1896, Ghana
Russian Empire1721-1728, 1730-1918; Russia

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