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Right-facing diagonal lineSpanish: Córdoba
Left-facing diagonal lineItalian: portò
Caret, or inverted 'v'French: hôpital
Inverted caret, or 'v'Czech: Československo
Two right-facing diagonal linesHungarian: ellenőrizetlen
Two left-facing diagonal linesCroatian: ȍko
Pretty self-explanatoryArabic (romanized): ġayn
Like previous answer, but in the middleCatalan: coŀleccio
Two dots, like a sideways colonGerman: hören
Circle above or below letterSwedish: kål
Horizontal lineHawaiian: kahakō
Horizontal, vertical or diagonal line through letterDanish: krøner
Curve, like the bottom half of a circleRomanian: măr
Curved line - ~Portuguese: razões
Like the upper part of a question markVietnamese: hỏi
Like a comma under the letterFrench: façade
Like a backwards comma under the letterLithuanian: dangų

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