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Can you name the character on Mad Men by his or her first line of dialouge?

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First LineCharacterDebut Episode
Hiya, fellas. Come on, in. You see this? Someone broke into the Yankees’ equipment locker in Cleveland yesterday, swiped Mickey Mantle’s pet glove.
Yeah…hey, do you have a light? [Pause.] Old Gold man, huh? Lucky Strike here.
Uh...not right away. [Pause.] Eh, who wants that?
Great. [Pause.] Only one [train], but I got up very early.
Can we take the long way up? I am really enjoying the view here.
23. [Pause.] You going to Campbell’s bachelor party?
I don't use Pond's, if that's what you're asking.
Elisabeth, are you hiding your sugar bowl from me?
Three of the last PTA presidents are from the kindergarten class. I say you go in there and lay some groundwork.
I always thought it was Sterling who was responsible for the Navy attitude around this place.
I wish you were waiting for me.
First LineCharacterDebut Episode
We went to the hospital. We got lollipops.
I know. You all work so hard. How’s Jennifer?
I called the office. They said you left.
Oh, honey, don’t worry. I’ll get home safely. [Pause.] I have an important appointment right now, so why don’t you go shopping or something?
We are on the same mission. This bar looks like it was set up by a blind man. And there’s no bourbon.
Actually, Herman goes on my checks. People call me ‘_______.
Now, this is the executive floor. It should be organized, but it’s not.
Go on upstairs. [Pause.] Mrs. Draper? Sorry I’m late!
Remarkable. [Pause.] Who, indeed?
Morning, girls. [pause] You look like a hundred bucks. Long night?
Well, look at you, Gidget. Still trying to fill out that bikini?

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