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Can you name the bands/musical artists from their synonymous names ?

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Synonymous Band/Musical ArtistActual Band/Musical Artist
The Shore Children
Ground, Breeze & Inferno
The Coitus Firearms
Yes Sure Okays
Pleasure Sector
Fate's Spawn
Larceny Firm
The Pastiest Lad Breathing
Toboggan Chimes
Unfathomable Mauve
Mob of Steeds
Native Locals
Fright Posse
The Attitude Snare
Calamitous Canals
Synonymous Band/Musical ArtistActual Band/Musical Artist
The Tibias
Frosty Simians
Champion of Foundation
Unsighted Aviator
Slice Clone
Candid Sea
Gem Bastions
Expanded Folks
The Grumpy Doldrums
Flurry Guard
The Municipal Hostilities
Nutty Ruffian
Holler Away Earsplittings
Chum Chap
Peculiar Imminent Lupus Crew Slaughter Them Entirely

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