Independence of South America

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Declared: July 20, 1810 Recognized: August 7, 1819Independence from Spain
Declared: September 7, 1822 Recognized: August 29, 1825Independence from Portugal
Declared: August 25, 1825 Recognized: August 28, 1828First Independence from Spain (1811) Then from The Empire of Brazil
Declared: August 10, 1809, Recognized: February 16, 1830Independence from Spain and Gran Colombia
Declared: February 12, 1818 Recognized: April 25, 1844Independence from Spain
Declared: July 5, 1811 Recognized: March 30, 1845Independence from Spain and Gran Colombia (1830)
Declared: August 6, 1825 Recognized: July 21, 1847Independence from Spain
Declared: July 9, 1816 Recognized: September 21, 1863Independence from Spain
Declared: July 28, 1821 Recognized: August 14, 1879Independence from Spain
Declared: May 15, 1811 Recognized: September 10, 1880Independence from Spain
Independence: May 26, 1966 Republic: February 23, 1970Independence from United Kingdom
Independence: November 25, 1975Independence from The Netherlands

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