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Can you name the answers to these Harry Potter questions based on the obscure clue?

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Bar owned by Dumbledore's brother
One of Dumbledore's oldest friends
Wizard high court of law
One of the head's of Slytherin house
The opposite of Legilimency
Teashop in Hogsmeade
One of the seven Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers
Conductor of the Knight Bus
Death Eater who tortured Xenophilius Lovegood
This person concealed that Harry Potter was alive from Voldemort
The Memory Charm
Neville's pet
The Room of Requirement lies opposite this tapestry
Harry got Hedwig from this store in Diagon Alley
Prison built by Grindelwald
Spell that produces water
One of the seven obstacles to get to the sorcerer's stone
Harry received this mark on his Transfiguration O.W.L.
The Tale of the Three Brothers tells the story of these objects
What is the answer to the pattern?

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