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How to Play
Ted's best friend
Lily's best friend
Marshall's nick name for Lily
Lily's nick name for Marshall
Where Barney and Ted met
Ted Mosby's real name
Marshall Eriksen's real name
Barney Stinson's real name
Robin Scherbatsky's real name
Lily Aldrin's real name
The narrator's real name
When was the first episode
What is Barney's brother called
Robin's popstar name
Barney's nickname
Barney's girl nickname
Lily's ex boyfriend
The gang's favorite bar
The man who drives a cab
Barney thinks ___ ______ is his dad
Why was Lily arrested
Who Robin was going to marry
Marshall's doppelganger
Ted's doppelganger
Barney's doppelganger
Lily's doppleganger
Robin's doppelganger

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